Our world-class patient care.

Asian Hospitals offers the entire span of state-of-the-heart holistic care, just as it is available in the leading hospitals of the world. As a patient, you can make full use of all these facilities to expedite your recovery and make your stay with us that much more meaningful.

  • Laboratory Services
  • Physiotherapist
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Dietician
  • House Keeping Supervisor
  • Room Service
  • A Special Private Nurse is also available, for an additional fee.
    The nurse in charge will help you with the arrangements.
  • The AHI International Co-ordinator.
    A specialist in assisting international patients, our Co-ordinator will asssit with just about anything a patient may need. They are equipped to answer queries before, during and after a patient's stay. They can also provide recommendations and assitance with securing hotel accommodation for relatives.

The International Co-ordinator can be reached at internationalassist@ahirc.com

Complementary airport pick up and drop is also available.
Please make your request well in advance.

Useful information:

  • Your time with us is also a wonderful opportunity to bring the health of your loved ones up to the mark. We have world-class 'Health Check Packages' that could be availed of by your relative / attendant. Our Health Care Packages are extremely popular among the relatives of our patients and the convenience of being in the hospital premises also means additional consultations with specialists is extremely easy.
  • AHI Ambulance Service: You can request an ambulance service in 3 ways:
    • 1. Make a request for an ambulance at the Admissions counter.
    • 2. Call our heart helpline on 126 126.
    • 3. Call 6698 6662.
    • Spot payments should be made for the ambulance services at the hospital.
  • As a consideration to other patients, all patients are requested to ensure that visitors are kept to the very minimum.