Cosmetic Surgery

The Asian Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Institute

A transformation of appearance can have a dramatic change not only to the way the world looks at you but also the state of your health. While most cosmetic alterations are done for aesthetic purposes, processes like liposuction and plastic surgeries are also undertaken to get back into a healthy state of mind and body. At the Asian Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Institute, we combine new technology and medicine to make you look healthy and feel years younger.

Plastic surgery is a routine process and comprises of reconstructive & cosmetic surgery. The growing demand for plastic surgery has given patients more options, offering less invasive procedures, faster recovery, more natural results and at affordable rates.

Reconstructive procedures

Reconstructive procedures correct facial and physical defects, including birth defects, traumatic injuries or the aftermath of disease treatments.

Cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures are for aesthetic purposes, opted by people who want to enhance their appearance. Not all cosmetic procedures involve surgery. Hair removal and erasing of scars can be done easily achieved through laser treatment.


Botox is a simple, non surgical treatment to temporarily smoothen lines and creases on the face, particularly frown lines. The only treatment of its kind to be approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it involves the injection of small amounts of Botulinum toxin into several locations of the wrinkle, causing an immediate noticeable improvement in the appearance.

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